Never judge a book by its cover, you never know what’s happening underneath. 

Today I shot some beautiful portraits and  head shots of my friend and model Cassie.   The portraits are beautiful and show her in all her radiance and beauty. And for most this would be the end of it.  Young woman, lovely head shots blah blah blah.  What most would never realize is the shoot happened today because she was off to cut her hair into a short bob and had already been out shopping for wigs for when and if the time comes.  Cassie is battling Ovarian cancer at 25 years old.  She’d experience pain for years, I remember us having to take breaks during a shoot 3 years prior.  Her belly finally grew out from what was normally flat and toned. So they finally decided it was time to remove the troublesome cyst but it turned out to be more.

Today as she prepped for the shoot, the phone rang continuously, as well as texts and emails all from doctors, nurses, clinics and others.  Her mood was high but she powered through nausea,  and pain both from her surgery and the newly added port in her chest where they administer chemo therapy.  By the time this is published her hair will be in a cute new do which will look amazing.  She’ll continue to learn about the numerous new medications she’s now taking as well as how best to heal and recover.   You never know what a person’s reason is for what they do but more often than not it’s something greater than it appears.