Bob Williams photographer was once a simple man who has grown into an older simple man. The one constant thing in his life has been his love of photography and travel.  He loves shooting portraits, concerts, festivals and weddings, so it’s obvious that he’s a sucker for photography projects that require travel. He’s photographed on both  coasts of the USA, in Europe and Asia, Bob has photographed in multiple countries… all north of the equator.  With that, one of his new goals is to work on projects that may get him to, if not past 0 degrees latitude, but he’s completely happy to take any project in the northern hemisphere and even in his home town.

For photographing weddings, Bob has teamed up with international wedding photographer Mark Longstreet forming Longstreet | Williams Wedding Photography.  Their style specifically focuses on the story and creating beautiful images of the couples amazing day.  “Wedding photography is a passion. I can do many things, but I made the choice to become part of the wedding community and it’s a decision I’m happy I made.”

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